Geological Surveys

Prospectiuni carries out, in Romania and internationally, the following geological surveys:

  • Geological mapping at small and detail scale (1:25,000; 1:10,000; 1:5,000; 1:2000);
  • Prospecting and exploration projects and reports to identify the minerals and industrial minerals accumulations;
  • Geological prospecting of small and large detail to assess potential in solid mineral resources of all kinds, in different lithological and structural contexts;
  • Geological exploration for outlining and evaluation of minerals and industrial minerals resources, with surface mining works, shallow and middle depth wells, underground mining works, preliminary assessment of resources/ reserves;
  • Preliminary expertise in the field of mineral resources potential in areas less geologically investigated, geological expertise of prospecting and exploring reports, geological syntheses of the complex geological data;
  • Geological documentations of resources/reserves evaluation of minerals and industrial minerals investigated by detailed exploration, feasibility studies, mining development plans, environmental impact studies, plans to reduce environmental impact, social impact studies and plans to reduce the social impact by mining operation development etc.