Applications gravity

Oil and Gas Exploration

Gravity Surveys are used either alone or in conjunction with magnetotelluric and magnetic surveys, to determine the location and size of the major source structures which contain accumulations of hydrocarbons.

Base Metals Massive

  • Gravity Surveys combined with Magnetic and Induced Polarization survey techniques
  • Iron: Magnetics surveys combined with Gravity surveys
  • Salt: Gravity; Resistivity; Magnetics.

Engineering Applications

Gravity surveys can be carried out to locate iron rich accummulations within furnace, cinder piles (Magnetics and Gravity).


  • Determination of the major structures that control the location of aquifers
  • Additionally, Magnetotelluric and Magnetics surveys may also be used for the same purpose
Field data acquisition

Services are performed to the highest international standards and include:

  • Geophysical Survey Evaluation and Design
  • Surveying and Scouting
  • Field project preplan, production follow-up and data quality assurance
  • Field processing for data quality assurance
  • Recording Equipment maintenance
  • Field data processing and geophysical data interpretation
  • QHS&E management

Data processing

Processing of raw data acquired with the Gravity method is made with the following software:

  • GEOSOFT Oasis montaj® used for the processing of the data acquired with Gravity and Magnetic Methods and specific database management
  • GEOSOFT GM-SYS® provides an interface for interactively creating and manipulating models to fit observed gravity and/or magnetic data. Calculated responses change instantaneously as the model is changed, speeding the interpretation process and enabling to test alternative solutions
  • GEOSYSTEM WinGLink® used for the processing of the data acquired with Magnetotelluric and DC Resistivity (Vertical Electric Sounding) Methods as well as those acquired with Gravity and Magnetic Methods
  • AUTODESK AutoCAD® Map 3D and Civil 3D used for CAD and GIS projects
  • AUTODESK AutoCAD® Raster Design used for CAD and GIS projects
  • GOLDEN SOFTWARE Surfer® 8 used in various types of data processing

Large datasets can be processed or re-processed using these software applications.

Interpretation of the results


  • Correlation and integration of geophysical and geological information
  • Litho-structural interpretation
  • Highlighting of structures shown in 2D and/or 3D models, that could contain potential accumulations of metal and non-metal bearing minerals, water and for hydrocarbons
  • The results of Gravity surveys are presented to the client in a full report which typically includes contour maps, profiles and cross-sections of odeled depths, thicknesses and the physical features of subsurface rock structures. All reports / presentations can be tailored to the requirements of the client