Operations in Mountainous Areas

Prospectiuni has close to 20 years of experience in hilly and mountainous terrain.

Our experience began when we were awarded concessions in Romania that were located in complex geological settings and since then we have continued to develop our expertise in rough terrain by improving our working process and expertise to overcome any challenges that we face.

Prospectiuni Operations in Mountainous Areas in Romania


The first two telemetry stations (input/output system type II) were acquired;


Prospectiuni performed the first 2D geophysical data acquisition test in a mountain area on a straight profile;

Prospectiuni’s first project in tough terrain, hilly ground areas in East Moinesti, Bacau County;


Completion of two 2D geophysical data acquisition projects in very difficult areas (almost completely wooded, with hard rocks on the surface and very limited access): Nereju area, Vrancea County, and Brates - Tazlau area, in Neamt County;

Prospectiuni performed its first large-scale 3D project in a hilly and mainly wooded area in the eastern part of the Getic Depression, Arges County;


Project in Obcinilor Bucovinei area, Brodina, Suceava County and Gura Ocnitei - Iedera, Dambovita County;


Organization of the geophysical data acquisition project in Tazlau - Brates region;

Operations in Moinesti, East Moinesti and Buzaului Mountains areas;

Operations carried out in Maramuresului Mountains;


Introduction of Ground Hog compressed air drilling portable units;

Project in the Sub-Carpathians;


Operations progress in Brodina area in Bucovina, and in Vrancei Mountains;


Geophysical data acquisition in Brodina area;

Performance of a 3D geophysical data acquisition project of 206 km² in Brodina area, Suceava County, and a high-resolution 3D project in Balteni area, Gorj County.

Prospectiuni International Experience in Mountainous Areas


The first international 3D project completed in the Palmyra region, Syria;

Several 2D and 3D geophysical data acquisition projects in the stony areas of Fes and Tadla in Morocco


3D geophysical data acquisition in western Portugal (on slopes covered with eucalyptus trees and in cultivated and urban areas) – 1st company to use the Sercel Unite cable-free system in Europe


2012: 2D project in Tajikistan

Geophysical data acquisition projects in the forests in the south of Varna, Bulgaria


2D geophysical data acquisition project in the steep and wooded mountains of Georgia

Our 20 years of experience allows us to predict potential pitfalls and success factors when working in mountainous areas. We make sure to have a negligible impact on the environment by:

  • using existing roads for all field access;
  • using small quantities of explosives on each shot point;
  • making sure no deforestation takes place;
  • returning the field to its previous state.

To make sure that we complete these projects to the highest HSE standards while maintaining efficiency we have:

  • 70 Ground Hog portable units (compressed air drilling)
  • 84 self-storage units (hydraulic or auger drilling)
  • 15 MiniFor portable units (auger drilling)
  • 5 Wagon-Wheel portable units (compressed air drilling)
  • 48 Little Beaver portable units (auger drilling)

Having the right equipment is not the most important aspect in these projects. We also bring years of experience in planning and executing difficult projects across difficult terrain both in Romania and around the globe.