Seismic Data Aquisition

From our head office and support facility in Bucharest, the seismic division of Prospectiuni SA is able to provide field seismic crews fully equipped for 2D, 3D & 4D seismic data acquisition.

We have extensive experience in working through terrain types including desert, mountain and cultivated and forested areas, using a variety of energy sources including explosives, vibroseis and weight drops.

We operate using 'state-of-the-art' Sercel seismic equipment - under 5 years old. Our 24 vibrators and over 30,000 channels of line equipment can be supplemented as required, based on the resource sharing agreements that we have in place with other major providers.

Major clients for some of our recent projects include OMV-Petrom, SNG Romgaz SA, Chevron, Mohave Oil&Gas, Aurelian Oil&Gas, Pedex Iran, Circle Oil Plc and Hunt Oil.


Prospectiuni has an extensive range of drilling equipment mounted on a variety of carriers including tracked vehicles, buggies and portable units for use in areas of difficult access. The smaller units are used for drilling shot holes prior to seismic acquisition. The larger units for upholes. All staff are trained and operate in compliance with the highest HSE&Q standards.


Project planning & data quality assurance

Using a Mesa software package, our geophysical team provides the field operators with the design for the field survey. From this original design the field geophysicists then produce a detailed design by incorporating survey files, fold recovery/compensation solutions, planning offset positions, generating scripts and applying formal QC/QA procedures.

In field processing for data quality assurance

The quality of the seismic data acquired is confirmed daily, using Promax software. Field 2D/3D processing is then carried on HPXW8600 and HPZ800 workstations. Static models can be produced from uphole and LVL data.

Recording equipment maintenance

Our recording systems are operated in the field by highly qualified and trained personnel supported from the Company's Geophysical Equipment Maintenance Department by a team of system engineers, fully trained by I/O and Sercel for handling, troubleshooting and maintenance of the equipment. Cables and geophone strings are checked in compliance with a rotational maintenance programme which assures the quality of all line equipment deployed to the field.

Periodically, equipment compliance tests are carried out in accordance with manufacturer specifications. The results are verified using independent, third party software.


Seismic energy sources

  • Explosives (deep and shallow charges)


  • AHV - IV - 362 I/O. 61, 800 pounds
  • Sercel: NOMAD, Sercel, 61 000 pounds. Shooting Systems
  • IVI mini-vibroseis trucks, EnviroVibe, GUS, AWD 200, DP-450P
  • 5 brand-new UNIVIB vibroseis trucks in Prospectiuni fleet starting with March 2014
    New vibrator buggy design for small to mid-range source acquisition
    Smaller footprint provides easier mobility through environmentally sensitive areas
    Up to 26,000 lbs of peak force with a frequency range of 1 Hz to 475 Hz
    You can find more details about this cutting-edge technology here:

Shooting systems

  • Explosives: SHOTPRO - Pelton
  • Vibroseis: Vib PRO with GPS


Survey department

The survey department is responsible for positioning seismic source and receiver points in the field, in compliance with specifications stated by the client. A full set of co-ordinates and elevations are produced for each source and receiver point on the prospect. This survey data is used as an integral component of the geophysical processing procedure.

Surveyors are also responsible for mapping access routes, identifying hazards and sources of noise that may affect the quality of the seismic data and then making this information available to the other departments within the seismic operation.

Survey equipment

  • Conventional equipment: Leica Total Stations series 705, 805 and TS06
  • GPS/GNSS equipment: Leica series 1200, GS10, GS12
  • Software: Leica Geo Office 8.01, GPSeismic 2012, ArcGis 10