Seismic Data Processing

Prospectiuni has performed seismic data processing for over 60 years, from the early graphical methods through to the most advanced, modern digital techniques, manipulating large datasets.

We have the capability to concurrently process multiple 2D and 3D seismic projects in a most efficient way due to powerful processing equipment and highly experienced personnel.

Our computing resources include a cluster system IBM e1350 with 128 nodes, running the latest versions of Landmark's processing software SeisSpace/ProMAX R5000.0.3.2 specially designed to manage large 2D/3D datasets and execute multiple long time consuming jobs in parallel.

The software is flexible to different types of data recorded with different sources (dynamite, vibroseis, airguns, thumpers) and includes many interactive tools to analyze the data in order to make decision for optimum processing sequence.

Our personnel have experience in processing both new 2D/3D data and in reprocessing vintage data of old formats, applying basic processing in time and depth (Stacking, Post-stack Migration, Pre-stack Migration) or special processing ( AVO Analysis and AVO Attribute Stacks, CRS).

A dedicated FTP server / site with fast internet connection allows immediate data transferring to and from our clients in a highly secure manner. Using ThinAnywhere application we can provide to any client from anywhere in the world remote access to our processing system with the possibility not only for data visualization but also for running different jobs or performing specific tests.