Tradition and Innovation


In the history of the oil industry, Romania is named in 1857 as the first country in the world with an official production of 275 t. The same year, Bucharest was the first town to be lit with lamp oil (kerosene), which had been produced in the oil field refinery built close to the town of Ploiesti.



Founding of the Romanian Geologic Institute;

First natural gas production;

Schlumberger brothers, friends of Henri Coanda (the inventor of the first jet airplane) lead geophysical research in different countries, including Romania;

First gravimetric and magnetic researches

First electrical well logging;

First seismic prospecting: refraction method;

Founding of IPGGH (The Enterprise for Geological and Geophysical Survey of Hydrocarbons), former name of Prospectiuni S.A.;

First offshore seismic acquisition on the Black Sea;

First seismic digital recording;

First 3D seismic recording;

First offshore oil production;

IPGGH becomes Prospectiuni;

The National Agency for Mineral Resources is founded and the new Petroleum Law comes into force;

Prospectiuni becomes a private-owned company;

A new top management team is formed, consisting of highly skilled international and Romanian experts and specialists. A new strategy of investing in people and in cutting-edge technology and equipment is outlined. The main goals of the Top Management team are to target new territories and clients and stay ahead of competitors through cost-effective services, complying with the highest international HSEQ standards. ;

Prospectiuni expands on global market (projects in Romania, Portugal, Morocco, Bulgaria, Senegal);

Prospectiuni names 2 Vice-Presidents for Africa and Asia, for a sustainable, long-term global growth. Along the same line, key regional representatives join the team (offices in Bucharest, Morocco, Senegal, Tajikistan and representatives in Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq);

September 2012: Prospecțiuni S.A. completes 2D seismic data acquisition undertaken in Bulgaria, Provadia, Shumen region, for the company Overgas;

September 2012: Prospecțiuni S.A. completes the acquisition of 3D seismic data performed in north-central Morocco, for the company Caithness Petroleum Ltd.;

November 2012: Prospecțiuni S.A. wins first place in Top Companies in Bucharest, “Activities of architecture, engineering and technical consulting related services” section, Large Enterprises class;

February 2013: Prospecțiuni S.A completes the 2D seismic exploration conducted within the Sidi Moktar project in Morocco, for the company Longreach Oil and Gas Ltd .;

June 2013: Prospecțiuni S.A. enter into a strategic partnership with Geotrace Inc. (SPIDS), leading company in the field of tank services. The alliance provides high-quality processing and interpretation services to exploration and production (E&P) companies in Southeastern Europe.

February 2014: Prospecțiuni S.A. completes successfully the 2D project for Norio Operating Company Ltd., in Georgia, Caucasus Mountains;

May 2014: Prospecţiuni S.A. is designated by the Capital Magazine "The best company in energy" in 2013;

May 2014: Prospecţiuni S.A. is designated winner for the “Partnership between an industrial company and an educational institution” section at the Getenergy Awards, for the 60 years collaboration with the Geology and Geophysics Faculty;

July 2014: Prospecţiuni S.A. ranks in the top 10 (8th) companies that employed the most people in 2013; the ranking was conducted by and was based on information obtained from companies and from National Trade Register Office;

November 2014: Prospecţiuni S.A. wins the excellence award with the "vs. Vibrator Egg "experiment in the Video “Productions "category, at the XII edition of the Romanian PR Awards;

December 2014: Gehrig Schultz, CEO of Prospecțiuni S.A., is designated "Oilman of the Year 2014" by the Petroleum Club Romania;

January 2015: Prospecţiuni S.A. is awarded for its involvement in environmental education campaign EcoAtitudine organized by Infomediu Europe.

Looking to the future

  • First company worldwide to use Sercel's eUnite cabeless recording system
  • Key equipment less than five years old
  • Airguns, dynamite, big vibes, mini vibes, midi vibes & weight drops
  • Recent 50% increase in operational capacity
  • ISO certified HSEQ system
  • Developing young geophysicists (Professional Development Center)
  • Reviving minerals and laboratory product lines
  • New Geothermal, Environmental and Mining projects
  • Equity in seven mining projects